Interest Groups

As things are slowly opening up, some of the Interest Groups are meeting again.  


This is an informal group which meets at noon on the second Tuesday of each month at various restaurants around town. We just eat and talk. Watch the Breeze for announcements.


A group of AAUW members works with the Tehachapi Heritage League, the Kern County Historical Society and other like-minded individuals to research and protect the cemeteries in the Tehachapi area. Meetings are usually held monthly and include both formal meetings, work/research time at a cemetery, and field trips to interesting cemeteries. Come join the cemetery nuts and learn some local history in the process. Can you name all the cemeteries in the Tehachapi area? We know of at least ten. Know the difference between a cemetery and a graveyard? Come find out.


The book group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. We meet at members’ homes at 1:00 p.m. and discuss a variety of (mostly fiction) books and short story collections. The group chooses the books for the year to come at our December meeting.

The meeting date, place and book title will be published each month in The Breeze and on our website.  Members are asked to RSVP to that meeting’s hostess a few days prior to the meeting.


Join a Great Decisions discussion group and solve the world’s problems! With crises erupting daily throughout the world there are countless problems to be solved. Each year the Foreign Policy Association publishes a booklet and a DVD with eight topics, which serves as a catalyst for our monthly meetings. If you are interested in becoming better informed about world affairs, please join us.


This group meets together to practice stories which they tell in classrooms or to other interested groups. They write and present impersonations of outstanding women during March which is Women’s History Month. The group will have an initial meeting in October which will be announced in our newsletter, The Breeze.


In the spirit of quilting bees/sewing bees in days gone by – this group will give you the opportunity to pick up your unfinished project whether it is knitting, scrap booking, beading, painting – and get together with other members and express your creativity. If you want to learn something new we will have an opportunity to learn new skills while sharing and encouraging each other.