Tehachapi Mountain Branch of American Association of University Women began in 1980 through the efforts of Evelyn Seaman and Marti Sprinkle. They proposed a local scholarship for a graduating senior of Tehachapi High School as a rallying point for joining AAUW and assembled other women to work with them. At first the group was not large enough to become a separate branch, and they joined AAUW as a satellite of the Bakersfield Branch with meetings held in Tehachapi.

After four years as part of the Bakersfield Branch, Tehachapi was large enough and strong enough to become a separate branch and was chartered in 1984. There are currently about 75 members who promote equity and education for women and girls.

The branch is especially proud of its role in providing scholarships for Tehachapi High School graduates and for re-entry women, those who return to college at a later time. They also support Tech Trek which is a week-long math/science camp in the summer for 8th grade girls.

AAUW meets monthly in a general meeting, but there are also interest groups such as Book Group, Lunch Bunch, and Great Decisions. Membership is open to both men and women with a two-year or higher degree.